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Design & Build

Considering Design-Build for Your Project

If saving money and time is important, consider design-build for your new home. When the right team is assembled, the process is simpler for the owner, takes less time, and avoids the conflicts that typify conventional projects.

Your Role as the Owner

You will select a design-build company and develop criteria for the project.  Basic expectations set out by you serve as a reference for choosing a design-build team with the right experience and approach to help you develop the project requirements in detail.  During the design phase, you will provide feedback to the design-build team on adequacy of the design, schedule, and budget projections.  In the construction phase, you make material selections with the help of a designer and observe progress to verify that the design-build team is proceeding with full understanding and compliance with the basic expectations set out earlier.

Our Role


In creating the design as well as building the project, we are able to quickly evaluate design costs, architectural cohesiveness, structure, and your input, assuring a smooth path through preparation of design documents.  It eliminates the need for defensive detailing and over-designing that are necessary when the quality of the contractor is unknown or a selection has not yet been made.  During the design phase, We not only report projected costs, but also manage those costs to meet your budget and deadlines. This is achieved by monitoring the design progress and adherence to your criteria.  While reviewing plans for constructability issues and assuring reliable cost input by using experienced and appropriate subcontractors, We ensure that the work progresses in accordance with the schedule.  We will also see that design decisions are communicated when necessary to keep ahead of construction, and your criteria are being met.  Throughout construction, We offer advice on selections to meet your objectives.

The Laurie Homes Difference

Create.  Don't Replicate!

At Laurie Homes, we work to create a home specifically designed to your lifestyle.  We work "from scratch" using your ideas and "Vision", as well as pictures, magazines, online resources and our design skills to assist you with the designing and drawing plans of your dream home.

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