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Our Promise

Mission Statement

The Mission of Laurie Homes is to deliver superior new homes to parts of the Saint Louis Metro Area, Columbia, IL and Edwardsville, IL while always outshining our competitors.  Outstanding quality construction and innovative ideas is our nature. We promise affordability, but will never sacrifice our brand. Building is our passion and it shows in our homes. We show you what to expect and ensure we fulfill our promises. Our professionals know the homes we build will be a large part of your life and welcome you into a new era of design.

Core Value Statement


Daily working hard, always learning, speaking the truth, and putting service before self to our clients, colleagues and peers.



At Laurie Homes, we believe in a philosophy of Passion. This translates into putting service before self and looking out for the interests of our clients and designers. We do this by focusing on each detail along the way, not just the final outcome of a building project.

Passion means listening to more than just the words our clients speak, and that is why our style is consultative and collaborative. We know that all clients and their designers have needs that must be understood and factored into planning. There are also time and budget considerations, not to mention the ultimate goal of a building that reflects their vision.

Passion means approaching each task with a humility that comes from knowing that in any given circumstance, someone else knows more or has better answers than we do. Our clients develop confidence in us because they know we’re working with their best interests in mind.

As BUILDERS, we deliver homes of diverse designs with unique architectural features. We begin with careful project planning and selection of materials, and follow through with the construction of sound, functional structures that enclose carefully-appointed, comfortable environments.

We work to maintain communication with owners, architects, designers, engineers, the local building department, and the members of our construction team. We provide any necessary information for key decisions, and we assure that decisions are made when needed. We strive to keep the project on track to achieve a finished product that best reflects the client’s goals.

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