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At Laurie Homes if there is one thing we have learned over the years it is that all NEW homes are NOT created equal! We only select the best materials for our new homes!  It is because of these products that our homes will provide years of enjoyment, minimal maintenance and less energy consumption.

Every new home we build is considered a “5 Star Home”. It is more energy efficient than current energy codes!  Most importantly to you, our homes have been evaluated, inspected and are built to help make them a comfortable, safe, durable and energy efficient home for you and your family.  

What makes our homes “5 Star Homes” are the products we use, efficiency in the designs and the quality of the craftsmen that put it all together. The qualities necessary to build a 5 Star home include building them “tight”. This means that unwanted and uncontrolled air movement must be minimized.  This is accomplished in the draft-free design which is the primary reason our homes are more comfortable, durable and energy efficient.

The ZipSystem exterior board and stretch tape are the main contributing factors to the air tight quality. Next is the type and size of HVAC equipment we put into our new homes. We only use Trane energy star rated and ultra high efficiency units. ALMOST 97% EFFICIENT! Last but certainly not least is the Owens Corning pink insulation. We insulate the walls top to bottom, we insulate the attic entries and light receptacles, and foam any other possible air leaks. It takes patience, persistence and hard work to build homes this good but we think your worth it.

Exterior ZipSystem

When you choose Laurie Homes to build your new home you can rest assured we use only the best products on your new home.  For the exterior sheathing we use the Zip System.  You get the best product and warranty in the industry!

AdvanTech Sub-Flooring

We use Advantech Sub flooring!  We feel the advantages far outweigh the extra cost to have a quality sub floor in our New Homes!  Advantech offers the best warranty in the industry and YOU CAN feel the difference!

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