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Considering Design-Build for Your Project

If saving money and time is important, consider design-build for your new home. When the right team is assembled, the process is simpler for the owner, takes less time, and avoids the conflicts that typify conventional projects.

At Laurie Homes our Clients love us because we set the standard in new home design and construction. We work with our clients to design their homes around the way they live and we work with our construction tradesmen to build quality construction while incorporating the design style and beauty we are famous for!  At Laurie Homes we provide incredible thought and overall layering of detail on your project while maintaining a commitment to schedule, budget and communication.

Known for creating stylistically-individual, highly-detailed, finely-crafted homes, Laurie Homes has a reputation for the highest level of quality in some of the Midwest's most premier residences. Knowing that each homeowner prefers different design elements, and has different lifestyle needs, Laurie Homes works to gain a true understanding of each Client's priorities and desires for his/her new home.  By doing so, the construction phase is less tedious, goes faster, and is far more cost-effective.

By working to incorporate all aspects of exterior and interior design, as well as the quality building materials, the staff of Laurie Homes easily develops relationships with you while communicating the language of design and building.

If you are looking for a company with passion and integrity to manage one of your most valuable assets, one who can execute design, and a team of highly-experienced craftsmen, please give us a call.

Our Company

"Beautiful Design, Sound Structure, Sensible Flow and Immense Detail, these words describe what we do. 

Who we are and the foundation of our company is, PASSION"

- Laura Wilson