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Building Out of Our Area and Would Like Us To Design Your New Home?

We have experienced such a demand for our designs that we have started offering our design services for Clients that aren't within our building area!  We know that with the right plan a house feels more like a home. We will work with you to design your dream home. We will work with you through the design process and then create the detailed construction documents that you need to take to a local builder.

Your Role as the Owner

You will need to develop criteria for the project.  Basic expectations set out by you serve as a reference for choosing a design team with the right experience and approach to help you develop the project requirements in detail.  During the design phase, you will provide feedback to the design team on adequacy of the design and details.  Don't worry, we ask a lot of questions and help you through the process. 

Our Role


In creating the design we are able to quickly evaluate design costs, architectural cohesiveness, structure, and your input, assuring a smooth path through preparation of design documents.  This is achieved by monitoring the design progress and adherence to your criteria.  While reviewing plans for constructability issues we offer advice on selections to meet your objectives.

The Laurie Homes Difference

Create.  Don't Replicate!

At Laurie Homes, we work to create a home specifically designed to your lifestyle.  We work "from scratch" using your ideas and "Vision", as well as pictures, magazines, online resources and our design skills to assist you with the designing and drawing plans of your dream home.

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